URE was first established in 1978 to provide superior, dependable services and support to the growing demands of the Semiconductor, Assembly Line, Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals, Laboratories, Food processing and Food Packaging Industries.   

URE has over 30 years experience in supplying of indirect materials, cleanroom / medical consumables, tools and services to meet industrial needs.  We are proud of our accomplishments and continue to strive to do better.  


CLEANROOM UNIFORM: Smock, Jumpsuit, Jacket & Pants, Name Embroidery, Hood, Face Masks, Cap, Shoe Cover, Etc.

CLEANROOM FOOTWEAR: Shoes, Slippers, Booties, Shoe Cover, Bootie Cover, etc.

DISPOSABLE: isolation gown, face masks, shoe covers, head covers, gloves, finger cots, wipers, knitted cotton gloves, pe apron, pe gloves, etc.

GLOVES: powdered, powder free, examination, surgical, cleanroom, etc (Type: latex, nitrile, vinyl, pe, smooth cotton, knitted cotton, polyester, etc).

FINGER COTS: Powder Free, Antistatic, Static Dissipative, Conductive, Finger Stalls.
PACKAGING: Aluminium Canisters, Stretch Film, Plastic Packing Buckle.
RUBBER BAND: Antistatic, Static Dissipative, Stationery Type, etc.
BAG - Normal (HDPE & LDPE), ESD, Conductive, Static shielding, Bubble, etc.
TAPES - Normal (OPP), Packaging, Masking, Double sided, Floor Marking, Caution, Foam, Electrical, Cloth, etc.
SCOPE: Microscope, illuminator, magnifier, digital scope, replacement ring lamp.
TWEEZERS: Stainless steel, Brass, Epoxy Coated, Plastic & Conductive Plastic.
HAND TOOLS: Allen Keys, Screwdriver, Wrenches, Pliers, Files, Cutters, Hammers, etc.
SAFETY: Waist support belt, Ear Plug, Shoes, Boots, Safety Labels, Hard Hat, Goggle, Industrial Gloves, Respirators, Tyvek Apparel, Vest, Rain Jacket, etc.
BRUSHES: Bristle - Brass, High Temp Nylon, Horse hair, Tampico Fiber, Antistatic, etc.
HEATERS: Cartridge, Tubular, Flexible, Band & Stripe heaters.
LAMPS: Incandescent, Miniature, Sub-miniature, halogen, Projector, UV Curing, etc.


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