We supply various types of industrial brushes which are made to high quality standards.  We can meet most requirements on industrial brushes, especially brushes for the Electronic, Glove, Food & Beverage, Wood, Textile Industry, etc

Conductive Plastic Brushes
- Heat Resistance up to 80oC
- Mild chemical and acid resistance
- Surface Resistivity:
         Handle: 104 - 105 ohm (PP)
         Bristle: 1010 ohm (Nylon)
Model Availables
CB 211: Length 170mm - Bristles 3x7
CB 212: Length 170mm - Bristles 2x10
CB 213: Length 230mm - Bristles 3x11
CB 215: Length 90mm - Bristles 5x10
CB 216: Length 145mm - Bristles 1x1
CB 217: Length 160mm - Bristles 1x3
CB 218: Length 170mm - Bristles 1x6
CB 219: Length 170mm - Bristles 1x8