Cleanroom Shoes

Static control footwear is an effective and reliable way to remove static charge. Static charge build up can be conducted from users' body to the ground easily with static control footwear.

Made of PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) outsole by injection. The shoes' most popular features are:

  • Light-weigh, flexible and fit comfortably.
  • Special design sole shapes for non-slip and does not stain floor.
  • Allow air ventilation and is shock absorption.
  • Highly durable PVC top.
Shoe Sole Surface Resistance 1012 ohm/sq (Insulative – White Base)
108 – 1011 ohm /sq (Static Dissipative – Light Blue)
Application Semiconductors, Electronics, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical, Food Processing Industry, Cleanroom and anywhere that requires ESD control.
Size 230, 235, 240, 245, 250, 255, 260, 260, 270, 280, 290, 300 and 310 mm (13 sizes to choose from)
Weight 300 – 500 (grams/pair) Weight excluding unit boxes.


White (Dust Free) - Insulative
Light Blue (ESD) - Static           Dssipative (108 - 1010)
440 (Slip In + 4Holes)
 441 (Velcro + Netting)  443 (Slip In + Netting)
 448 (Slip In)
 ESD Insole
(For extra comfort)
 EPU 440 (Slip In + 4Holes)  EPU 443 (Slip In + Netting)




Cleanroom Slippers & Sandals

     ESD O440       (Sandal - 4 Holes) 
ESD O448
(Sandal - Covered) 
ESD S140 - White
(ESD Rubber Slipper)
ESD S140 - Navy Blue (ESD Rubber Slipper)
EPU S160
(ESD PU Slipper)  


Disposable Shoe Covers

CPE (Plastic) ESD HDPE (Plastic) NON WOVEN Cleanroom ESD Fabric Cleanroom ESD Fabric Bootie Cover