Ideal for handling semiconductors, silicon chips and delicate wafers. Static dissipative and conductive tweezers are ideal for use with sensitive components where ESD damage is a concern. Tweezers are manufactured with carbon loaded materials.

Heat resistance up to 1800C (3500F)
Acid resistance
Tips do not spread under pressure
No contamination
Non magnetic
Overall length 115mm (4.5”)

Surface resistivity: 3.0 to 4.5 X 105  /SQ
Transveral resistivity: 1.5 to 2.5 X 105  /SQ

Model types:
J201 – Similar to model ‘2B’: Round curved tip
J202 – Similar to model ‘7A’: Fine curved tip
J203 – Similar to model ‘2A’: Strong round tip
J204 – Similar to model ‘5B’: Fine with 350 angled tip
J205 – Similar to model ‘321’: Square tip
J206 – Similar to model ‘35A’: Wide tip
J207 – Similar to model ’11’: strong fine tip

High quality tweezers designed for precise or intricate
handling of components in the Electronics,
Semiconductor, Media, Jewellery and other industries.

Stainless Steel Tweezers
Epoxy Coated Tweezers
Brass Tweezers
Nickel Tweezers
Special Wafer Tweezers
Custom Made Tweezers upon request


We carry a wide range of hand tools by popular brand names. The hand tools are made from the highest quality steel, chrome and nickel alloy. They are heat treated for superior strength and finishing to resist rust.

Tweezer J201Tweezer J202
Tweezer J203Tweezer J204
Tweezer J205Tweezer J206
Tweezer J207

Tweezer 00
Tweezer 2A
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Tweezer 5A
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